Grading & Loaming

Alberta ProWest Grading and Loaming a Yard

Alberta ProWest bobcat service specializes in residential lot re-grading. Having your lot re-graded with our bobcat service can eliminate any drainage problems on the property. This would include sloping the grade away from building foundations, eliminating or reducing severe slopes and filling low-lying areas. Our skilled bobcat operators can assist you in creating a more usable living space.

A popular request for our company services is to do with the existing builder supplied loam on the customer's property. It is almost always poor quality and not screened, meaning it is rocky and/or lumpy. It may also contain other unwelcome contaminants. The solution is to have this builder supplied product replaced with high quality screened loam ( topsoil ). This screened loam provides ultimate results allowing your new sod the best base for growth, as well as a beautifully sculpted surface to lay your sod. Let Alberta ProWest grade your yard to more pleasing elevations, with the best materials available.

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