Regardless of the type of fence you want to build, be sure to locate your property line. To determine your property line location, check your Real Property Report and the measurements it provides.

Check local construction regulations applying to fences in your area before beginning, to be sure that you abide by city and developer codes.

Fences — From Do-It-Yourself Help to Full Instalation

Post Hole Digging

Installing the fence posts is the crucial first step to getting your new fence up and ready to go. For those who want to DO IT YOURSELF, our post hole digging or post setting service will take the most labor intensive part of the construction out of the way. We can complete as much or as little of the work as you require. Services we provide include supply of hand selected materials, delivery, hole digging, post setting, total completion of your fence or deck.

Homeowners who choose to take on the venture of building their own fence can utilize our services to help tackle this challenge.

If we can be of assistance, and for pricing please call us at (403) 796-4636.