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Growing successfully in Calgary for over 10 years

Innovative Fence Design

Alberta ProWest is now proud to offer new Fence Designs for 2016. Focusing on 3 customer priorities:

  • Function
  • Privacy
  • Affordability

Please visit our fence page for more information.

Calgary has always been a rapidly changing marketplace. With 10 years of experience and countless successful projects under our toolbelts, we have cultivated a strong and broad base of clientele. This has been key to keeping us a strong and growing company in this amazing city.

Alberta ProWest evolved from Boss Projects, Inc., which since 2005, has been recognized by both Home Owners and Custom home builders, as one of the best construction companies in the industry. Alberta ProWest has the same owner, and our focus still is Helping Customers create inviting, functional and attractive exterior living spaces. That is how we began — and how we will continue to grow!

We continue to assist homeowners with everything from fence, deck and garage construction to digging post holes, post setting, grading, loaming and sodding residential lots. We also offer interior construction services, focusing on basement development and creating unique lower level living spaces.

In this economic environment people are looking for the best possible value for their dollar. In response, we have adjusted our rates this year to best meet the needs of our customers and help make your project cost effective. Alberta ProWest also offers free estimates.

Contact us at (403) 796-4636 or email your request.